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Price Index Consumer (CPI), October 2014

2014-11-04 Price

Increased by 0.6% of the price index for household consumption (CPI) in the month of October 2014 Read more Read more

Gross Domestic Product, 2nd quarter of 2014

2014-08-26 National account

According to preliminary quarterly results , the Gross Domestic Product (constant prices) Read more Read more

Industrial Production Index (IPI), July 2014

2014-08-05 Industry, Price

Over the first 7 months on 2014, The Industrial Production Index (IPI) declined 0.6% year on year Read more Read more

Foreign Trade, May 2014

2014-05-01 Foreign Trade

Over the 05 months of 2014, Tunisia foreing trade with abroad have registered Worth a decrease of 2% Read more Read more