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General Census of Population and Housing is considered the main statistical operation in the domain of population and the primary source of accurate and detailed data on households, housing and living standards of households. It is also the sampling frame for household surveys ten years following the census.

Census is the largest statistical operation organized by the NIS, it requires a large human mobilization and financial resources to provide an indicators database, datastets and recent dashbords  on all regards size, composition and characteristics of the population, buildings and dwellings at regional and local level. This information is relevant for the preparation of plans for economic development at the national and regional levels.

Tunisia has made eleven censuses since 1921 among which  four was made by Tunisian NIS ( years 1975, 1984.1994 and 2004 and now 2014)

The census questionnaire is composed of the following topics: 
  • housing 
  • household 
  • Demographics 
  • Education and training 
  • economic activities 
  • Mobility and migration 
  • Information Technology and Communications 
  • Mental physical and sensory difficulties 
  • Health and social security 
  • Mobility for work or study 
  • fertility 
  • Deaths during the previous twelve months